Welcome and Introduction

Thank you for joining me on this path, Spiritual Warrior!

You have taken an important first step towards self-improvement and development; one that is not an easy choice, but know that the reward of living your life by your own philosophies and expectations is well worth it.

I grew up traversing two worlds; the physical and metaphysical. As a child, I spent half of my time in the rural backwoods, while my other adventures were spent in the urban landscape. As a courageous soul, I enjoy all things outdoors as well as the thrills large city life has to offer. After 15 years of being an educator, I shifted into entrepreneurship with my gifts and talents in tow, developing more through challenging experiences.

I value meaningful connections with others and strive to maintain peace and balance within my life. It has become my life’s work to educate and inspire others to be the best versions of themselves, so they, in turn, inspire others.

This work is the journey I took to develop self-mastery. I hope you find my experience beneficial to your own.

Sincerest Gratitude,

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